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At Lycit, we are committed to developing clothes that move with you. But we don’t think your sense of style should be lost in the process. We bridge the gap between functionality and appeal.

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Sign up for our Ambassador program using the "Get Started" button below. Enter your information in all the required fields.

Receive exclusive Ambassador offers and perks. Be the first to know about drops, offers, & and invites for photoshoots to a be a vital part of the brand!

You create your own custom referral code and we supply you with a url trackable link, so you can login and check how well you are performing at any time!

For every sale referred by you, you will earn 20% base commission, with the potential to earn more on new and promotional products.

"This program is deeper than a discount code. It is a team that has inspired me be better and braver in my field. They have set the standard for what it means to be an ambassador and it is a privilege to be involved."


Frequently Asked Questions

A team member who is self driven, and is a motivation to others around them, while being passionate about making a difference in the fitness community!

Our program is an industry leading commision program based on 20% payouts of sales and leads that you generate from simply wearing amazing outfits and telling your friends.

You get to be a part of an amazing team and community of people who are like-minded and not only trying to better themselves, but also the people around them. You get 10% off for your friends and family and 20% commision of sales. You also get first dibs on new releases and oppurtunites for professional photoshoots and content creation with the team.

You can use your custom code you create or your personal URL to track your sales and traffic. Post your info on all your social channels to maximize your reach.

Once you create your code with our tracking software you will attach your paypal and we will pay you out for all future sales weekly!